What Is The Name And Artist Of This Song?"All I Ever Wanted Was A One Night Stand, I Could Spend Forever In A Moment Like This"? Thats The Beginning Of The Chorus


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The name of this song is One Life Stand by Longo and Wainwright. The lyrics are from the chorus, which is "All I ever wanted was a one life stand/I could spend forever in a moment like this/All I ever wanted was a one life stand/So take me away".

Longo & Wainwright are a producing duo based in Liverpool. They produce house music and are signed to AATW and Universal. One Life Stand was recorded featuring the artist Craig Smart, a Canadian born singer with both Indian and Jamaican roots. He has worked with several rap artists in his career.

     One Life Stand was released on the 30th May 2010 as a digital release only. The music video for the single was made by Ben Peters. It was shot as a kind of road movie in Los Angeles. It was a great departure from Ben Peters' usual urban music videos. He has been nominated for a UK Music Video Award (UKMVA) in the past and worked with N-Dubz recently.

Longo & Wainwright have also mixed versions of the songs 'Just Can't Get Enough' by Herd & Fitz and 'One Eye Shut' by Robbie Rivera. They can be hired to DJ or for PA by contacting them at [email protected]
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Wicked song I love it I wanted a one night stand n got stuck with a girl n a kid
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The answer is Ian Longo & Jay Wainwright feat. Craig Smart - One Life Stand
its just hard to hear what he says becaue its faded but its one life stand not one night stand hence the song title

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