Who Sings The Song "Falling"? I Forgot Who Sings It.


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The only singers I know who sing falling is Alicia Keys and Mya.
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The song you are looking for is actually called fall and the new version is sung by Kimberly Locke
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Country singer Clay Walker also sings Falling.
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Um Alicia Keys sings it. I don't think she published it in the 80s. It goes '  I keep on falling, in and out, of love, with you, I never loved someone, te way that I, love you'.
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Well that's a tough one.  Might need more information to help you,  Darryl Hall and John Oates did a song by that name that was actually recorded in 1976 but was heard more in the 80's.  Olivia Newton John also did a song of that name released in 1981.  The there is my personal favorite by that name, done by LeBlanc & Carr, a very romantic tune.  Here is a link to listen to that one.  Hopefully one of these is the one you're looking for.  Here is the link, but today all day I have problems with inserting the hyperlink as Blurtit tools suggest, so if it does not appear here I will leave the link in your shout box on your profile page.  Here:


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