Who Sang The Sappy 70's Love Song With The Lyrics: 'I'm Falling I'm Falling In Love With You. I Wrote Your Name In The Sand. Please Don't Let Go Of My Hand.'? 


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I'm pretty sure the song you're looking for is Falling by musical duo LeBlanc and Carr. It certainly fits the description of a sappy 70's love song!

The lyrics that I believe you're thinking of are as follows:

I think about summer
My head was swimming
You wrote my name in the sand
We walked together
Hoping forever
Please don't let go of my hand
Cause I'm falling
Woah, I'm falling
Oh, I'm falling in love with you

About Falling and the band LeBlanc and Carr

When it was released in 1977, the song Falling was a bit of a one-hit wonder for the duo. LeBlanc and Carr only made one album together, called Midnight Light (released in 1977), and it's from this album that Falling was taken.

Falling stayed on the Billboard Top 100 for 27 weeks in 1977-1978, and peaked at number 13. It was also named a BMI Millionaire song after receiving over one million radio plays.
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No it is not Le blanc who sings "FALLING"..Not a group but a single male singer.

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Stephen Bishop

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