Who Wrote The Song In The 1980's With The Lyrics, 'There's A Party In My Pants, You're Invited'?


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I think you're looking for Party In My Pants by early 1980s funk bank, Four-In-Legion. There's not much information online about either the band or the song, but it seems the most likely match given your description.

There's another song with the same title, this time by Roger Alan Wade, on the Jackass 3D soundtrack. You did specify that the song was from the eighties, though, so it's more likely that you're after the Four-In-Legion song.

If neither of those are what you're looking for, Barnes and Barnes also did a song called Party In My Pants with the lyrics "There's a party in my pants and I want you all to come" in 1980.

From what I can gather, Four-In-Legion played a lot in the Orlando, Florida area, and were popular in that region during the 1980s. Their popularity didn't really spread, though, but a few of their songs are up on YouTube if you're interested in hearing more, and you'll probably be able to find a vinyl or two on eBay!

Hope this was of some help!
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It is indeed the song "Party in my Pants" by Four-In-Legion. They used to play around Apopka, FL a lot in the 80s before they made their EP.

I have a CD that was transferred from the original vinyl record (though bit rate is only 256kb/s, (still very good quality considering). Unfortunately some of the tracks were combined and I never had the time to split them, otherwise I would have uploaded them online for other people like me who were dying to get their hands on the band's work.

The record pops up on eBay occasionally.
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Hi there,

maybe : "Party in my Pants" by Four in Legion (it was released in 1984)

Found no lyrics, or video - but there's plenty of info on the net.

Mike Dennis.

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