How does Hollywood change people for the worse?


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Arthur Wright answered
Mostly with false dreams and hopes
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Maxine Chan
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I can see that happening but once they make it in Hollywood, they become egostatical and think they are better than everyone else because they are famous.
Arthur Wright
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Yes fame and money does ruin people if they let it
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Most actors enjoy being in the spotlight (lucky them it's their job) so they will either get into lots of movies or do something else to get a ton of publicity. It's all about self restraint and being able to acknowledge that the world doesn't revolve around (twitter doesn't help with this)
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Maxine Chan
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Twitter makes them more famous:)
Moo C.
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True but at the same time it also makes them feel more important than they are/ should feel.
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It ****s them up. They feed them so much psychological junk that most people don't come out of their experiences weirded-out in some way. Being famous is really the main thing, it usually makes actors feel that they are the best thing on earth. I really don't think it's healthy to venerate normal people the way Hollywood does, no matter how talented they may be.
But that's Hollywood's aim in the first mess up perfectly sane people. Sad isn't it? =(

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