Who Sings The 80's Song I Need You Now?


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The original version of the song was written and recorded by a group named Alias, and was called "More than words can say". 

It was then covered by American group Winger who changed the title to "I need you now (more than words can say)" and finally the group Firehouse have been credited with singing it, though I believe that was a one off live recording.

(The above photo is of the group Alias)

Songwriter and lead vocalist Freddy Curci was presented with the Million-airs award" by BMI for this song (one million air plays) This is the equivalent of 5.7 hours of continuous play or 50,000 broadcast hours.

"More Than Words Can Say" was the first single to be released from Alias' self-titled debut album, entering the Hot 100 at No. 84 and reaching  the Top Ten four weeks later. On November 24, 1990, it reached number 2.

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If you mean "More than words can say", it was ALIAS

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