How To Find A Song With Partial Lyrics?


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It’s actually really easy to find a song if you don’t know all the lyrics – just type what you do know into a search engine with quotation marks either side “like this” and then write “lyrics” after it.

The quotation marks mean that the search engine will only look for those words in that exact order, so make sure you spell them all right!

If you don’t put the quotation marks, you’ll probably end up with a lot of results that aren’t what you’re looking for.

Adding “lyrics” to the end will just narrow the results down even further, and means that the results will probably come back with dedicated song lyric websites. This should exclude things like people quoting bits of the song on their blog, and will make it easier for you to find the lyrics to the song.

If there’s more than one song with that particular line in it, try searching up each of the songs up on YouTube and have a listen – one of them is bound to be what you’re looking for!
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Try You just type in the part you know and it will give you a list of songs and artists you can choose from to see the lyrics.
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If you just type out the lyrics you know and put lyrics in inverted commas beside them then just hit the search engine. Or if you shout me with the lyrics you have I will try it for you. :)
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Hi there is this web site called I hoped this helped!
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I have that problem a lot and usually if you just type what you know into Google you will get results.
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You can find the song on the internet. I am providing you two web links where you can find the whole song.

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