Do You Have Sheet Music For The Song "On My Father's Side"?


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The song ‘On my Father’s Side,’ was written by Felecia Shiflett and recorded by The Village Singers. The song is religious in nature and a popular Bluegrass track.
There are a number of places you could look to try and find the sheet music for the track.
The first place would be online. There are a number of places online that both sell and give away free sheet music to users. Here is a list of the top ten websites where if you look through you shall hopefully find ‘On my Father’s Side.’ You can either print out the sheet music in whatever form you wish or in a lot of cases there is the option to buy the sheet music and have it delivered to your house or place of work. This is entirely up to you whether you want to purchase it or just download and print it.
Another good place to look for sheet music is your local music shop. Music shops usually have a large selection of sheet music on the floor. Should they to have it on the shop floor, just ask behind the counter. The store will more than likely be able to order the sheet music for you and you can collect it in the store.
As the song is religious in tone, it could be possible to consult with your local choir and enquire with them if they have a copy of the sheet music.
Libraries and book shops also stock a huge selection of books. If you visit your local library or book shop and ask, they are sure to help you and if they can’t they may point you in the right direction to get the sheet music.
There are a number of places you can get sheet music, depending on whether you want to pay for the recourses or not.

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