Can I Find Free Cheerleading Dance Music?


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Whether you are intending to use music as part of a routine or looking for that piece or song for  a major high school competition, there is a range of services providing cheerleading music available on the internet.
One such company providing a download service to the cheerleading community is CMS. Created in 1991, it has some of the best competition cheerleading music available. CMS has recently released a range of new CDs ideal for any routine or event you are organising.
Meanwhile Custom Cheer Mix has the chance to produce your squad a cheer mix that will motivate you and keep the judges pining for more. And better still, you get to select everything you in your mix. Another such site who is perfect for cheerleading mixes is Cheersound that has access to its own routine wizard, CDs, mixes, sound effects, voiceovers, how to guides, and much more. "If you're looking for routine music that will blow the judges out of their seats," check it out.
Custom Mixes also have a wide choice of cheer, dance, or drill presentations and competitions that will certainly give your music that cutting edge. Other places to find music include Dance America - Fusion Sound which started over 20 years ago for the purpose of helping performers who needed music but were unable to achieve high performance music by themselves.
Digi-Mix has been mixing music for the spirit and competitive performance industry for more than a decade. They cater mainly to cheer, poms, and dance, fitness and drill teams. Digital Music Services feature all forms of music and competition mixes while the editing of music has been one of their specialities since 1996. They have all the necessary equipment, knowledge and expertise in order to get the job done, whilst being very cost effective.
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Cheerleading mix
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Youtube has **some** good ones, but they aren't the best quality and they don't have a ton of songs. So, you're better off looking at some official sites
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Try these sites for free cheerleading music

Dancemusic -

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