Do The D-A-N-C-E One Two Three Four Fight Stick To The B-E-A-T Get Ready To Ignite, What Is The Name Of The Song?


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These words are the opening lines of the a single created by Justice, a French band consisting mainly of two Parisian masterminds in electronics, namely Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge.

They first hit the scene with a huge remix of 'Never be Alone', by Simian, followed by remixes of the sounds of a variety of stars, including Franz Ferdinand, Soulwax and NERD. The largest fan-fervor, however, has been created by their latest album, 'Cross' (often represented by the symbol '†').

The single is looped around the chanted child refrain as mentioned in the question, originally used by the Jackson 5. The whole thing sounds a little like orders being shouted at the infantry of disco movers by a team of electro-funk Go! Sergeants. The film clip to the single, which is called 'D.A.N.C.E.', to finally answer the question, features two t-shirted torsos charging around a dark club. As they move around in circles, the t-shirts are used as projection screens, displaying a host of evolving graphic patterns and prints. The designs were created by Ed Banger, the art director responsible for Justice's label.

After the clip was released, a number of the featured designs were put up for t-shirt sales by Colette, Paris. The resulting rush to buy them by music nerds and fashion fanatics could only be likened to a feeding frenzy among sharks.

What more can be said? Justice certainly seems to be the best thing happening in the French electronic music scene since Daft Punk. Given all the buzz generated by Justice, it is safe to assume that more monster singles are likely to hit the market within the next few years. For the moment at least, the future looks pretty bright for the Rosnay and Auge team of Justice.
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Dance by justice

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