Who Sings The Target Commercials Theme Song?


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The song being sung in the spring 2011 Target commercial is "Early Bird” by Shirley Temple.  The version that you hear on the commercial is a remix that was made exclusively for Target.  It is unlikely that you will find it on an MP3 for sale as Target holds all commercial rights to the remix.  Several renditions of the original song and the remakes can be found on YouTube.  It is not known if info link this song even exists, or if they only remixed the short section that they needed for the commercial.

The original rendition of the song was sung by one of the most famous child stars of all time.  Shirley Jane Temple began making movies at age three and rose to superstardom with her curly, bouncy hair.  She was known for her sunny disposition and smile that had the ability to steal hearts.  Shirley Temple sang the song in the movie Capitan, which is made in 1936.  Shirley Temple was six at the time she made this movie and sang the song.  In this movie surely lives with the lighthouse keeper.  She plays an orphan in this movie whose parents drowned.  The lighthouse keeper rescues her and takes her in to live with them.  Her nemesis in the movie is a truant officer who thinks she should go to a way to a very strict boarding school.  In the end, Shirley is rescued by relatives and she does not have to go stay at the harsh boarding school.

She sings Early Bird when she gets out of bed and starts making it.  The song references the phrase, "The early bird gets the worm”.  This phrase comes from the Middle Ages and is found in A Collection of English Proverbs.  What the phrase means is that there is to get up early and prepare will have the greatest chance for success.
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One of the target commercial theme songs is "Let the Season Take Wing".
The singer of the song is Amy Grant

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