Where Can I Get A Free Download Of The Piano Sheet Music For Jessica's Theme From The Man From Snowy River?


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There are many websites such as sheetmusicengine.com and justsheetmusic.com but these will charge you a small fee to download the sheet music.

You will find it quite difficult to get a free download of the piano sheet music for Jessica's Theme from The Man From Snowy River because it is seen as illegal to share or download copyrighted music/publications. But, if you do want to get this sheet music for free then you may want to consider going to your local library and seeing if they have the sheet music there to take out and loan from the library. You can also buy the whole of the soundtrack to The Man from Snowy River piano sheet music in a book from places such as Amazon and other online retailers.

The Man from Snowy River is an Australian drama film from 1982 based on the Banjo Paterson poem of the same name. The film starred actors Kirk Douglas, Sigrid Thornton, Tom Burlinson and Jack Thompson. The majority of these actors took up their roles again in 1988 for the sequel, The Man from Snowy River II which was released by Walt Disney Pictures. The first film won many awards including a Golden Globe award for best foreign film Australia.

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