How Can I Be A Member Of West Life Fan Club?


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There are West life fan clubs all over the world. Some are online and invite a number of West Life fans from around the country; others are more private and hidden. The official UK fan club on the West Life website has been closed and does not exist any more. However, there is a group called west life platinum that you can join to receive the latest news and gossip about the boy band. You can even leave private messages on this group message board that they claim are read by the members of the band, but I doubt that this happens.

This is the link to the official west life website where you can find the platinum community:
I can also give you a link which will take you a page which consists of contact information of West life fan clubs in a lot of different countries including USA, Finland, Australia etc. There are websites and mailing addresses where you can send letters etc. Click on the following link:

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