No Strings Attached, The Girl Just Want To Cut,and She Aint Trying To Cuddle, I Know U Got A Man And Thats What's Up And I Will Never Mess That Up? Who Sings This


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The no strings attached the girl just wanna cut lyrics belong to a track called No Strings Attached. The track is performed by relatively new band NaVaro and features Mullage.

  • NaVaro
It seems that these guys are still fairly new in the business, Although footage of them has been around since 2009, nothing much seems to be known about them.

Judging by this track, they will be here for a while. Currently working on their first album with E. Ray Management, rumor has it that Navaro's refreshing approach might just be what has been missing from R&B.

There does not seem to be an awful lot of information on them about at the moment, but there is no doubt that this will change drastically once their debut album has been released.

In the meantime, fans will have to just make do with that one track that's been puzzling everyone for so long, which is really quite surprising as it can be found all over the Internet.

  • Mullage
Mullage, a duo mostly associated with so-called Dirty South hip-hop and R&B, are from Atlanta and released their first single, Trick'n, in 2009. I'm Coming, single number two, was released in 2010, as was TBA, their first album.

  • Lyrics
Unfortunately, we have been unable to find the lyrics for this track just yet, but the track can be listened to on You Tube and a variety of other websites. It should be relatively easy to pick up on the lyrics that way.

All the information provided here was gleaned from what little could be found on various websites. We do apologize if some or all of this is out of date. For all we know, the first album may already be out; if it is, we were unable to locate it.
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Mullage-just want to cut
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Sorry mate don't know, you could try typing all them lyrics in on google and maybe you'll find out :)

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