What Are Good Songs For Alto Singing Girls To Sing In Pageants? (particularly Broadway Songs)


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When it comes to songs for alto singing girls, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the range of notes you’re capable of. Pop songs won’t really set the right impression, so choosing to opt for songs from film soundtracks and Broadway musicals is a great idea. Sweeney Todd is an excellent Tim Burton film for pageant girls to get inspiration from, and this is because one of the main characters, Mrs. Lovett, has two engaging songs called ‘Poor Thing’ and ‘Down by the Sea’. You can find links to both of these melodies here: and If you are lucky enough to have a vocal coach, they will commend your choices and will be able to provide further guidance on how to pull off a stellar performance.

The actual quality of your performance in a pageant could also lie within some of the other skills you have. If you have been graded in dance, incorporating this into your piece can really add some jazz to your act. Make sure you know your limits, in addition to how high you can go. The last thing you want to do is be overambitious and deliver a poor performance on stage when a song better suited to your vocal range would have been far better.

Make sure that you fulfil all of the instructions and specifications of the pageant. You may find that the songs the judges want to be performed lie strictly within a certain genre, and in this scenario, you may find that most Broadway songs are inappropriate. Of course, you could tailor some songs from musicals into a country-esque style, but this can be more trouble than its worth!

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