Who Sings Take My Heart, Take My Mind, Take My Soul Never Let Me Go. You Call Me Your Own?


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The lyrics 'Take my heart, take my mind, take my soul and never let me go. Call me your own' come from the song Press your presence which was written and performed by Shana Wilson.
Shana Wilson is a gospel singer and songwriter from Detroit MI who has found fame through the internet. She performs at gospel concerts and regularly has her music played on gospel radio.
You may have heard this song on gospel radio or from a friend, most non mainstream music is usually passed on through friends and peers and becomes successful through word of mouth rather than big advertising and PR campaigns.
Her presence on gospel radio is strong and she also makes regular appearances on different gospel radio stations for interviews. Apart from Christian and gospel radio stations, she also has a strong following on the internet and has her own website and also a Myspace page where she has many fans following her. You can also listen to some of her music on Myspace and this is a great place to discuss her music with other fans. Myspace offers the opportunity to use the page like a fansite, write about the music and getting to know others that also appreciate the song is a great bonus about the Myspace generation and the boom in social media.
She has already recorded an album and this is available to buy on her website. She has announced on her blog that she will be recording her second album this summer (2011) and this too will be available on her own website once it is complete.
Songs from her first album, The Nations are waiting include; Press your presence, You are holy, Lion of Judah, so amazing and Shout to the Lord.
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Hi there,

long shot : "Just no other way" by Gloria Gaynor

!! There's also a cover version by Co-Co Lee

Mike Dennis.

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