Where Can I Get You Belong With Me Notes For The Violin?


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It's very difficult to find violin notes for many songs, especially for free. You can actually purchase an instrumental play-along CD at:

  • This CD contains fifteen of Taylor Swift's greatest and most popular songs, including: Back to December, Change, Fearless, Fifteen, Love Story, Mine, Our Song, Picture to Burn, Should've Said No, Sparks Fly, Speak Now, Teardrops on My Guitar, Today Was a Fairytale, White Horse and You Belong with me. However, this item is not currently available for purchase, but in the near future it will be.
  • You could also try going to a music shop to see if they have any books for violin sheet music, but it is quite unlikely that they'll contain any songs of Taylor Swift. Although it may be difficult to find such sheet music for this artist, it most likely does currently exist, but just isn't being well advertised and so it's difficult to discover.
  • Taylor Swift herself is a vocalist; she can also play the guitar, the banjo, the piano and the ukulele. However, a violinist called Caitlin Evanson plays in some of Taylor Swift's songs, such as the violin solo in "Our Song". You may be able to have some luck by searching on YouTube as some people do post violin covers of such songs and some may actually give instructions on how to play the song.

Overall, finding sheet music for the violin for such popular artists like Taylor Swift can be quite difficult, searching the Internet and popping into music stores are definitely your best bet. However, payment may be required from some websites, but it shouldn't be too expensive.

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