Where Can I Find Free Violin Sheet Music For Viva La Vida?


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This link will provide you with free violin sheet music to Viva La Vida, the popular song by Coldplay: www.mediafire.com/?ytityjyjn3z This document is applicable to all instruments, and if you were just to get your hands on the notes for the piano, you wouldn’t have any problem playing the treble clef line. At the time of release, this was one of only six songs that managed to muster over four million downloads from delighted fans old and new around the world. Winning many accolades, just one of the prestigious awards that have been given to Coldplay for Viva La Vida has included the Grammy Song of the Year. With gripping chords and enchanting vocals, it isn’t hard to see why.

On the album Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends, on which this song can be found, there are plenty of other excellent tunes that you may consider playing. The other title track, Death and All of His Friends, is mainly a piano piece, and any percussionist in their right mind would love to give this challenging number a tackle. If you are just a violinist at heart, you should also consider Yes, the Chinese Sleep Chant and Lost where this instrument can be found.

Nobody knows what to expect next of Coldplay. In an interview, Chris Martin said that their first three albums (Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head and X&Y) were something of a trilogy, and now it was time to try something new. Although reluctant to accept change at first, many Coldplay fans have warmed to this sense of direction.
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I wish I knew-- ive been looking 4 weeks
but in case I missed something try musicnotes.com

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