Where Can I Find Free Violin Sheet Music For Justin Bieber Baby?


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Rosie Normanton answered
As the music is within copyright it is impossible to download free sheet music unless a one-page sample. At, you can find such a sample of ‘Baby’ (the song has the musical marking "with energy”, which is very Bieberish) and then download the eight-page music in a document which is also compatible with an iPad. The song is in E-flat major but you can transpose it to the key of your own choosing. The music is scored for voice and piano too, as well as guitar tablature above the staves. Though the sheet music costs five dollars and fifty cents ($5.50, or $4.95 for Digital Club members), the Musicnotes software is free to download and comes with five free pieces including Chopin, Brahms and Mozart. Do remember that most classical music is out of copyright and will be more affordable, and the more you play these the easier it becomes to play simpler music like Justin Bieber by ear. Such a process is made even easier by the tutorial offered through Musicnotes Suite where you can watch the notes come alive; each symbol is linked to an encyclopaedia for a better explanation of how to play a note, whether loud or soft, with ornamentation or vibrato or anything else. Out of over 110,000 sheet music titles, each month one song in the catalogue is free to download, and you can view the most popular 20 pieces; one can also keep up via email of any news by receiving the weekly newsletter. All software is spyware- and ad-free.

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