How Do You Play The Final Countdown On The Viola?


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, ive actually been wondering the same question for a while now too.
Ive mostly been looking around the web but I still havent found it:/
but I'm still looking! If anyone else find ti let me know as well!
(sorry I couldnt help much)
and I'll post another answer here if I do find it. :)
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Simple play the viola the way I do. I take extreme pride in my viola and I am beast I play the final countdown by myself as a solo for my school and I played it perfectly on my viola because I have an ear for music and I practice and have great pride in my music
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You, madam and/or sir are a braggart.
I semi-understand your pride for viola (i think its an outcast in a group of outcast)
you're only a true violist if you learn to accept that fact.
So i dont have much "pride" for it. But if your still in school, your probably not a "perfect player" dude. Just sayin'.
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And no one's perfect either. ESPECIALLY if your still in school. I bet you weren't perfectly in tune and im pretty sure you must've hit some wrong notes. You have an "ear for music" made me laugh. Im not sayin' im perfect, cuz im not, heck, im still in school too! But quit being a braggart cuz no one likes 'em. Just sayin'
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By the way, i laughed in a "Mo gosh, this guy's so retarded its hilarious"
kinda laugh. Just sayin'

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