How Do You Play Here Comes The Sun On Recorder?


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It doesn't seem possible to find the sheet music for The Beatles song 'Here Comes the Sun' that has been designed specifically for the recorder. There are, however, copious versions of the sheet music for piano, guitar, vocals and even the ukulele. It seems that the only way to get the recorder notes for 'Here Comes the Sun' is to transcribe them from one of the sheet music versions that is available. Alternatively you could search for videos of people playing 'Here Comes the Sun' on the recorder and follow their lead when watching.

• Recorder Sheet Notation. Recorder notes are nearly always notated in 'concert key'. Different size recorders sound at octaves above or below the written pitch. These transpositions are noted by using a small figure eight above the treble or bass clef on the manuscript. Recorders from the garkelin size and down to tenor are normally transposed on the treble clef, those that are lower are recorded in the bass clef.
• Recorder Fingering. Note fingering on a recorder varies depending on the octave the note is in. A modern recorder typically covers two octaves. Each hole on the recorder is either open, half closed or closed completely, i.e. A finger is either not on it, half on it or covering it fully respectively. There are terms used to describe particular methods of using fingering on the recorder. These include; forking, half holing and pinching. It is difficult to achieve dynamics on the recorder but it is possible to if the player focuses on the breath controlling the pitch and the fingers controlling the dynamics. Holding a finger lightly on a hole will cause the pitch to change, compensating for this pitch with stronger breaths will allow the volume to change.

If you are able to transcribe recorder notations and fingering from piano sheet music then this is the ideal way to find out how to play 'Here Comes the Sun'. Otherwise, listen or watch other people playing the song so that you can follow their moves.

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