How Do You Play Jingle Bells On Recorder?


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If you want to delight family and friends this holiday season with a rendition of everyone's favorite Christmas song on your trusty recorder, Jingle Bells is one of the simplest songs and you can learn to play it in a matter of minutes.

First get a tuning device and make sure you are tune with B natural. Now you are ready to play the first few bars of the song. The first measure of the song is two eight notes followed by a quarter note, and then repeated, all of the notes are B natural.

The next measure of the song is a simple run, four eighth notes followed by a half note. The eighth notes are in order B natural, D natural, G natural, A natural, and then the half note of B natural. Now you're ready to play the final phrase of the song which is a simple modulation up a full step.

Once again you'll play two eighth notes followed by a dotted quarter note for the next measure, and the notes are all C natural. The next measure is all eighth notes starting with C natural followed by B natural as the last three notes. The next measure consists of again four eighth notes starting with B natural, followed by A natural two times, then B natural again, and the song is resolved by returning to A natural, then D natural. This is the familiar refrain that everyone knows and you can learn only this much and delight everyone, or learn a bit more and delight your friends and family even more.

This pattern also works just as well on piano if you'd like to have an accompaniment. Simply practice for a few minutes and you'll be ready for an impromptu concert this holiday season.
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The notes are:


Hope that helps!

~Tinzie/Martina o_O
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The notes are:

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I assume you mean the musical instrument.  I have the note charts for both C recorders and F recorders.  You can learn to play from the chart itself; then find the music for Jingle Bells (found in any book of Christmas music), figure out which recorder you have, and you can teach yourself the music.
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Recorder is the name of a woodwind musical instrument. It falls under the category of fipple flutes or internal duct flutes including instruments like tin whistle and ocarina. It was very popular instrument during the medieval times and had close associations with birds, shepherds, miraculous events, funerals, marriages, and romantic scenes. Later on the recorder was replaced by other instruments like the clarinet and the flute. It is necessary to know how to handle the instrument and know how to use it in order to play music on the recorder.

So, the best bet is get a tutor who would teach you how to play a recorder and the songs that can be played on the recorder. You can play the Jingle bells on the recorder by learning to do it from the tutor or if you are confident enough to handle it alone then by using the musical notes which can be easily found on the internet or from books. You can get the musical notes for Jingle bells from the website

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