What Are Beautiful Songs To Sing At Wedding?


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Songs at a wedding are obviously a very important part of the whole day so should be chosen very wisely. They need to be romantic without being clich and should have a significant meaning to the couple.

A great website with an extensive list of possible songs for a wedding can be found at The wedding songs should really be a joint decision taken by both the bride and groom; this way it will feel like a shared day. Sometimes you may not really take a lot of notice to lyrics and just like a song for its melody. However, you certainly need to listen carefully to lyrics when picking songs for a wedding. There are many common songs about heartache and unrequited love; these lyrics are usually negative or bitter towards love and are not really appropriate for a wedding occasion!

The songs chosen should have upbeat and inspiring lyrics about how love can conqueror all. These songs will sit perfectly with the occasion and should speak volumes to all the guests present. As well as some romantic and slow songs, there also needs to be some party songs that will get everyone up and dancing the night away. These songs again need some thought but can be a little bit less lyric conscious than the slower meaningful ones.
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Love Will Find A Way-Lion King 2 Soundtrack...I know tht sounds dumb but its such a sweet song
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I've finally found someone -Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams
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When you think of the original variation, it’s a little on the cheerful up-tempo side… but when a string duo gets their men on this rocking’ classic, it’s pure bridal march magic!

Consider this awesome version of ‘I Wanna Hold your Hand’ as a super cool contemporary bridal march alternative.

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I think it depends on who's getting married. If it's someone who's into their popular/mainstream music, the following five songs:

1.  Closest thing to Crazy (Katie Melua)

2. To Make you Feel my Love (Bob Dylan/Adele)

3. The Way you Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra/Michael Buble)

4. Save the Last Dance for Me (Michael Buble)

5. Halo (Beyonce)

If it's a couple who are into their more vintage and classic music, then I'd go with these three:

1.  What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

2. Wouldn't it be nice (The Beach Boys)

3. Here comes the Sun (The Beatles)

4. One Love (Bob Marley)

5. I can't Give you anything but Love (Ella Fitzgerald)

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Ave Maria, First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, Evergreen, Love Look At The Two Of Us, We Only Just Begun, wow...there are a lot.
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10. Your Song – Elton John
9. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
8. Everything – Michael Buble
7. Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows
6. For Once in my Life – Stevie Wonder
5. One Day Like This – Elbow
4. Marry You – Bruno Mars
.3. Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
2. Stand by Me – Ben E. King
1. Make you feel my Love – Adele

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The Power of Love - Celine Dion

The Way You Look Tonight - Tony Bennett

When I Fall in Love - Nat King Cole

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - Elton John

Eternal Flame - The Bangles

At Last - Etta James

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Elvis Presley

I Do - Westlife

This I Promise You - 'NSYNC

I Do (Cherish You) - 98 Degrees

You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker

Power of Love - Luther Vandross

I Want to Know What Love Is - Foreigner

My Life - K-Ci & Jojo

More Than Words - Extreme

Have I Told You Lately? - Rod Stewart

When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge

Kiss From a Rose - Seal

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Music can make or break a party so when it comes to your wedding. On your big day, it is important to pick the right song for your wedding day. These are few of my suggestions:

1. Thousand Years ( I loved the lyrics it so powerful and meaningful )

2. How did you know - Gary Valenciano

3. Marry me - Train

4. All of Me - John Legend

5. Marry your daughter - Brian Mcknight

6. Can't help falling in love with you - Elvis Presley

7. Everything - Michael Buble

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Not bad suggestions but all a bit soppy - the person who suggested Fleetwood Mac was on to something though...try "Don't Stop" instead if you want to sing something.
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For the first time by Rod Steward.
Evergreen by Bette Milder.
Giving you the best that I've got by Anita Baker.
We've only just begun by The Carpenters.
Body and Soul by Anita Baker.
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Baby I love your Way-Peter Frampton, Total Eclipse of the heart, White Wedding-Billy Idol, Sweet Child o Mine-Guns n Roses. Enjoy.
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The song ''I Thought I Loved You Then'' by Brad Paisley. I think it's one beautiful song.
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-a moment like this - kelly clarkson,
-my heart will go on - celine dion
-hero - mariah carey
-hero - enrique eglasias
-bubbly - colby callait
-beautiful disaster - kelly clarkson
-ave maria - beyonce

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