How Does Music Influence Your Life?


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Music has a huge influence on a person's life. For thousands of years music has been integral to a civilization's culture and identity.
Personally, music influences my life greatly - it can be played at any occasion and for any mood. Writing and playing music also stimulates my creative juices, which I find to be therapeutic.
For many people, music creates an imaginative world in which they feel at peace.
  • Music is the creative heart of a civilization.
  • Music can suit any event or occasion, e.g. Christmas or wedding music.
  • Music can relax and motivate an individual.
  • Creating and performing music can satisfy a person's creative needs.

Music for any moods.

I find there are pieces of music for any mood I find myself in. If I want to chill out or relax, I may listen to acoustic songs or classical music.
Classical music can also help people concentrate during work. Scientific studies have found this genre can increase a person's productivity and concentration. On the contrary if I'm about to play sport and want a genre to pump me up before the game, I might listen to something heavier, quicker and more energetic.

Creating music.

Creating and performing music can explore a person's imagination. I find writing songs a therapeutic and relaxing experience which can explore the boundaries of a person's mind. Putting your thoughts and feelings into lyrical or musical form is an excellent method of dealing with stress or feelings you normally find it difficult to express.
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Music is a way of life. Some people treat music as a religion. Music has a major impact on people all over the world. Music has been existent in this world for centuries. 

You can find music in all walks of life. There's music for every mood. There is music in every occasion such as a wedding and even at a funeral. Even animals and plants love music. It is supposed to be a creation of God. Music helps a person to relax. It also helps to motivate people.

People, who love music and just cannot stay away from it, and usually learn a musical instrument so that they can make music as well. Our favourite music helps us to feel good and open our minds. Music does play a crucial role in everybody's life.
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damita jo
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Music really made a diffrents i my life also. It helps relax my mind when im having a bad day. I love listening to music (lol im listenin 2 music now).ps. It really does play a crucial in y life .oh yea, thanks, it helps a lot.
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There are no words to describe how much music has done for me. It has influenced me to try harder in life - to work hard to achieve a simple goal. It has taught me to have self-belief and to never stop trying. Music has turned me away from things that might hold me back from achieving anything, such as one of my life promises that I've made for myself.
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Music helps you concentrate . Music fills you up with energy. You will forget about the bad stuff and relieve stress. It changes your mood depending on the kind of music you are listening.
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Music affects the emotions and the psyche. It could be good or bad. It could also affect someone in a way they are not cognizant of via the subconscious. A person might listen to Bach to study, Chopin to relax, heavy metal to get fired up, hip-hop to dance, ballads if they're depressed,etc...It is some pop music that has lost the aesthetic of true musical essence, hence facilitating a hedonistic, capitalistic sense of the world. This negates the art form as was intended as far back as Pythagoras.The more music is loved, the more it should be understood. It is one of the main constituents that has shaped society as we know it.
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Music in my life is so important. It's who I am. When things are getting hard and my friends are not there to help me, I turn to music because you can use it to let out your feelings. Music is fun and the best thing in my life - I do not know where I would be without it.:)
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I play the piano. I make music as my expression of my emotions. It relieves your stress. With music, you can relay to people around you your state of mind at that point of time. It's the language of one's soul.
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What a coincidence iplay the piano helps exspress my life, emotions, and even pain. Its one of the things i love to do.and one day i hope to be like alicia keys.
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Music is an art form whose medium is sound. To many people in many cultures, music is an important part of their way of life. Nowadays music plays an important role in life of people. They can relax and improve their spirit. Moreover there are a lot of kinds of music . There is rock music, pop, rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, and country music. I should admit that there are a lot of music bands. I like to listen to pop, rock and sometimes classic music. They help me when I have a bad mood. Music has had a big influence in people's lives, and a huge effect on people. It depends on what genre of music you're listening to and that usually effects your emotions! It can make you feel sad, it can make you feel happy - that is just a few emotions related to music.
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Yes, music does effect your life each and every day.  You can not watch television without hearing music.  A movie has background music.  What would a radio be without music?  Music can inspire you to run a little faster, concentrate a little more and smile a little more often.  A love song can help your romantic mood.  You are subjected to music even in elevators.  And, as a great man once said, it can calm the savage beast.  You bet music does effect you!  The world would be a less pleasant place without music.
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In many ways.  Mostly positive for me, I love music so much and it has been a huge part of my life since I was a very small child.  :)
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Great question. I am a dance teacher. I only teach adult beginners how to dance. This is very rewarding. I teach all sorts of dances, and my students and I both love all the music they are learning to. Ever listen to Ravel's "Bolero" ? The most beautiful music ever.
Sit quiet. Turn the volume on medium. Close your eyes and just listen.
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For me...if I don't listen to music for a while (I'm talking about days or weeks), I begin to feel very uptight, bitchy, moody and I have this sinking feeling that something is missing in my life...and it is! MUSIC. Music has a great influence on the body, mind and soul...without music you may as well be dead in my eyes, because even though you may not be conscious of it, music does soothe the soul. At least that is true for me and others that I know.
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Well, it really depends on the type of music you listen to in my opinion. I LOVE MUSIC. And I really wouldn't leave it for the world. I think a happy or inspirational song is always good, instead of one that says curse words and stuff like that..
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Music is important in my life. I love rocking out to my favorite tunes, no matter what my mood. I LOVE music:)
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Music is my best friend... Girlfriend boyfriend and all..... I don't know what I would do about music .... Music expresses my emotions.... Gets me dancing .. Makes me a happy no matter what mood I'm in.
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Well sweetheart sometimes it can make you feel better when you're sad.
For example "Sound the Bugle" by Brian Adams helps me feel better when I'm at my lowest point.
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How does music influence my life? That is a great question. I have never been really into music that much and just started getting into it this year. I mean I have always loved listening to music and hearing the stories portrayed in songs, but this year I found a tape of my great-grandfather and listened to it. I realized how he was the only one who could play guitar in my whole family. I then found his guitar and started to strum a few chords. I realized how all families have traditions and things that are passed down. Now I want to follow in my great-grandfather's footsteps because I vaguely recall him playing to me as a small child. I want that for my children and my grandchildren and so on. So I have been learn the guitar now in my great-grandfather's honor because I feel it would be something he would want me to do.
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Music is soothing;it is also invigorating. It is often divine and cathartic. It is rocking, entertaining and engaging. It affects our daily life, especially with the revolution in communication technology. But all types of music are not befitting to all types of situations and personal circumstances. Thus, though music, by and large, affects people nicely, at times it causes bad vibes.
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G'day Guest,

Thank you for your question.

It is very important. I listen to it. I even have my own radio station on Blip Fm,

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