Is There A Buddy Holly Fan Club?


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Buddy Holly is one of my favorite musicians of all time. I really love the sound and style that rockabilly music has, and the dress sense associated with the scene is really cool and retro too.

If you're looking to meet people who (like me) have a passion for Buddy Holly, there are a number of fan-sites and fan-clubs on the internet that you'd probably be interested in.

Buddy Holly fan-sites Is a well-known tribute site to the late, great Buddy Holly. And carries all sorts of interesting facts, photos, songs and links. Is another fan-site dedicated to Buddy Holly. As well as hosting photos and videos of Mr. Holly and his guitars, the page is a great way to meet other enthusiasts who share your passion for fine rock'n'roll. Finally, I couldn't end this answer without mentioning the Buddy Holly Facebook group. With a 157 members, I find this Facebook group very convenient for meeting people who have the Holly bug!
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Anonymous is right, there are many fanclubs. Most are local fanclubs, though.

I'm not aware of any organized global Buddy fanclub. Maybe we should start one!

With regards to the answer below though, Buddy was never called 'The Big Bopper'.

The Bopper was J.P. Richardson, a radio DJ who had a few hits with 'White Lightning' and 'Chantilly Lace'.
He died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly, along with Richie Valens.

I've just written an article about Buddy Holly where I discuss his love songs. If you want to know more about the Big Bopper, let me know!
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There is more than one Buddy Holly fan club. Almost all of these fan clubs have online websites and information about how you can become a member.

These websites provides information about the life of 'The Big Bopper', his music, his works and about the Crickets along with image galleries.

Buddy Holly was seen as one of America's most influential music legends. Some also think of him as one of the pioneers of rock n roll.

He also played with a band called the Crickets.

In the February of 1959, while Buddy and his mates were on their way to meet the new band members, their plane was caught up in the middle of a snow storm and within a few minutes crashed into a cornfield. Everybody on board, except Holly's then-pregnant wife, was killed.

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