What are 5 songs you just can't live without?


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nthabeleng answered
My heart will go on ,the power of love by Celi Dion,check on it by Bey once, please don't leave me by Pink,I'm not afraid by Eminem
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Viva La Vida answered
Viva la vida by coldplay, i cant get enough by the black eyed peas, forever young by jay z, empire state of mind by jay z, just a dream by nelly ... Oh and i HAVE to add this one ... Amazed by lonestar becuase it the song that my crush asked me to slow dance .... The BEST moment of my 8th grade life!!!!
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Anonymous answered
E.T., Last Friday Night, Tick Tok, Blow, We R Who We R
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saada answered
Fairuz songs
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Anonymous answered
Kiss me thru the phone soulja boy,bedrock yong money,burn usher, fancy drake, and who says selena gomez
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Eila answered
S & M by Rihanna, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, Whats My Name by Rihanna just to name a couple.
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Maxine Chan answered
Hang with me by Robyn, Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott, Tragedy by Bee Gees, Tongue Tied by Stereo Skyline, and You lost me by Christina Aguilera which is a sad song about breakups:(
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Lexi answered
Well atm, 21 guns by greenday, bulletproof by la roux, in the end by linkin park, f**king perfect by pink and i need a doctor by eminem, dr dre and skylar gray=)
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Ub40~Can't help falling in love, Michael Bolton~The best of love, GCB~Hold U so close, General Republic~Take you there, and The Tony Rich Project~Silly Man.
Kristin Rodriguez Profile
One Step - Coal Chmaber, Overweight - Blue October, Word Up! - Korn, In The End - Linkin Park, and S(aint) - Marilyn Manson
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joan saviour answered
Hotel California , take it easy , putiya mugham (malayalam) , socha hai (rock on )( hindi) ,
,june ponal (unnale unnale ) (tamil) ,

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