What is the best sound card for recording music?


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There is no one ideal soundcard for recording music. There are several soundcards out there which will suit different people’s needs.

When it comes to a soundcard it is sometimes best to spend more money on decent recording equipment than on an amazing soundcard, but if money is not an issue, go for both.

What is the best soundcard for recording music?
If you are looking for a professional sound then the M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 offers pro-quality recording and playback. But, if you really want to push the boat out and spend a bit more money on a soundcard then you may want to look at one like the Echo Gina3G 8 in 14 out 24/96 Digital Audio Interface PCI.

  • Other aspects you will need to think about is how many inputs you want to record with and what other equipment you will need to go with this.
  • If you decide to spend a lot of money on a soundcard make sure you go to a store that has staff who know what they are talking about so you can find out more about each one to make your decision easier.
The main purpose of a soundcard is to make the sound from the computer better quality both in pitch, tone and volume. There are many soundcards to choose from and you can buy one from your nearest computer shop and many electrical stores as well. If you are unsure about what you want out of a soundcard then take a visit to your nearest computer shop and talk to one of the experts there who can give you an idea of what type of card you need, in order to achieve what you want.
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No, not Creative. Not the Audigy, not *anything* in the Sound blaster range.

Look, I'm not an expert here, but seriously, if you want to record music then invest in something by M-Audio, like, the Audiophile 2496, the Audiophile 192, or (as I'm about to buy for my Mac) the M-Audio Revolution 5.1 (avoid the 7.1 unless you really need the outputs, as the 5.1 has a much better DSP on it, surprisingly).

There are plenty of 2496's and 192's on eBay, and there are R-5.1's as well, but it's actually almost the same price to buy one in a shop atm.
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Depending on your budget, Audigy cards from Creative have always been my choice.

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