"Where Wild Roses Grow", A Song Of Kylie Minogue And Nick Cave. Do The Lyrics Refer To A Special Tale Or Is It Completely Made Up?


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"Where the Wild Roses Grow" is a very rock song that is written by the Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave and the vocals by the Australian pop-singer Kylie Minogue. This video was produced by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Tony Cohen and Victor Van Vugt. Nick cave was inspired to write this song, "Where the Wild Roses Grow" only after he heard the traditional song named "The Willow Garden", which is basically a story of a man courting a woman and killing her while they are out as one.

The song was released as the primary single in the year 1995 and became the band's most triumphant single across the globe, where it managed to reach the top five in Australia and the top twenty in the United Kingdom, Germany and New Zealand. It also established a partial promotional release in the US.

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