What does T.G.I.F stand for in Katy Perry's song Last Friday Night?


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It looks like in the song TGIF means what it usually stands for. TGIF is a well known initializm for the common phrase 'Thank God it's Friday'. The phrase is used to celebrate the end of the working or the school week, just before the weekend. It is commonly used in films, songs, and other media as a way of expressing joy and connecting with the audience. No doubt you have heard the saying before, and no doubt you've used it! Given that the song is called 'Last Friday Night', too, you can be sure that TGIF really does stand for 'Thank God it's Friday'.

The phrase TGIF is commonly used in texting and emails, too. This is because people are used to shortening words and creating initializms when a phrase or a word is a little too long. The phrase actually has its origins around 50 years ago, in the 1960s. The phrase was well known indeed, but the introduction of the restaurant 'TGI Friday's' no doubt shot the phrase into the mainstream all the way back in 1965. In 1967, there was also a movie of the same name, which meant that by 1970 everybody knew and used the phrase 'TGIF' or 'Thank God it's Friday'.

The restaurant TGI Friday's is often shortened to 'Friday's' in the United States and Canada, and is sometimes stylized as 'FRiDAY'S'. In the United Kingdom, it is commonly known as 'TGI'S'. It is a popular American restaurant chain that focuses on casual dining. It has more than 1000 restaurants spanning across 51 countries. It is a unit of the Carlson Companies, and its name directly derives from the same saying that is used in the Last Friday Night song by Katy Perry.
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Thank god its friday :)
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Thankk God Its Fridayy!!!!!! =))))))
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(I'm not happy about fridays anymore cause of Rebecca Black...)
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Thank God It's Friday duh!
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HUH? Weird but I have one.
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Giving answers with that nature (immature, snotty, stuck up) are going to get you kicked off of this website! For all you know it could have been a child asking that question. I am sure that there are many questions that you don't have the answers for. So next time think before you post.

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