In The Music Video For The Song 'Firework' By Katy Perry, What Does The Tattoo On The Chest Of The Gay Guy Say? I Believe His Name Is Danny Lopes.


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The tattoo on the chest of the model Danny Lopes who appears in the Katy Perry video 'Firework' reads either 'shame' or 'shane' but is not fully visible in the video. It is most likely that the design is a temporary tattoo as it doesn't appear in any of his more recent work.

Background of the song Firework Firework was a single by the popular American artist Katy Perry, taken from her album 'Teenage Dream' (2010).

A song about empowerment and being true to yourself, the video features a number of scenes of people overcoming their inner demons and shyness.

Firstly, it portrays an overweight wallflower finding the courage to undress at a pool party; a leukemia patient managing to overcome her illness, and a magician using his magic tricks to outwit a group of muggers. It also shows a young boy stopping his parents from arguing, and finally a young man finding the courage to approach and kiss a guy he is in love with.

Who is Danny Lopes? Danny Lopes is an actor and model who was born on the 6th of August, 1982, and hails from New Jersey state.

In the Katy Perry video 'Firework', Lopes stars as a reveler in a gay club, however the music video is not his only cinematographic work. Although he is considered a relatively unknown actor, he does have a few minor film roles under his belt including:
  • Desecration (1999) 
  • Horror (2002)
  • Satan's Playground (2006)
  • The Ocean (release date TBC)
In the music video for Firework, Lopes appears to have a chest tattoo that reads either 'Shane' or 'Shame'. However, it is thought that the design is a temporary one, as it does not feature in any of Lopes' subsequent modelling shoots.

On the topic of Lopes' modeling career, he has previous featured in campaigns by the following major fashion brands:
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • D-Squared
  • Juicy Couture
In 2006 Danny Lopes also famously posed naked as a centerfold for Playgirl magazine, earning him a nomination for Man of the year.

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