Is Katy Perry Still A Virgin?


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What a most peculiar and personal question 'Is Katy Perry a virgin' is. Apart from the fact that it really should be nobody's business but hers, and maybe her husband's, why should anyone care? She is, after all, old enough not to be.

  • She is married
Apart from being almost 27 years old, she was born in October 1984, she has also been married for almost a year, so her being a virgin today is highly unlikely.

  • Before marriage
Nobody but her, her husband and maybe some close friends or relatives will ever know whether she was a virgin when she married Russell Brand, and that is how it should be.

  • Deeply rooted beliefs
She was very obviously raised with a Christian background and there are some signs that there is still a lot of that upbringing rooted deep in her attitude towards things. This makes it possible that she was a virgin when she married. If she was, good for her.

  • Society in general
In today's society, being a virgin is almost treated as being strange. Teenage pregnancies are abound and everybody thinks, or seems to think, the earlier the better, if the expression may be pardoned.

We are not claiming that sex before marriage is wrong. Thankfully, those times have gone and if Katy Perry was not a virgin before she married, then all that means is that she was and is human. Again, all we can say is good for her.

  • Coming to the point
The point of all this is simply that it really does not matter, nor should it. Whether to remain a virgin or not is everybody's own, personal choice and will make them neither a good or bad person. Why the world is so obsessed with finding out remains a mystery to us.
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Not trying to be rude but it's none of your buissness. And unless someone actually asked her has she had sex yet she probably wouldn't answer. But I'm guessing she has had sex because is engaged now. But it's none of my buisness either. Its pretty much only hers.
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Don't know for certain but I doubt it considering who she's engaged to.
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Maybe but I agree that it's none of your beeswaz.
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Nah, shes said in a interview how she would love to have kids but for now shes still on birth control. So that means shes having lots of sex. :( I wantted to marry her :'( lol.

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