Do Taylor Swift Songs Have Figurative Language?


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no, they do. Almost every songwriter uses figurative language to make their point or story more memorable and comprehensible.

Figurative language is a literary technique that uses words to take the place of others based on their description or meaning. It's like a language code that you have to 'figure out' - the direct opposite to literal language, where everything is taken to mean exactly what it says.

A perfect example is her song 'Love Story' which has many elements of figurative language. You can find the lyrics online.

Here below are some definitions of figurative language to help you understand what Swift means in her lyrics.

  1. A metaphor compares two unlike things. You may say "my brother is a rat". This compares your brother to a creature that carries a bad reputation. You would be making a metaphor - a form of comparison that directly compares two unlike things. A metaphor wastes no time in getting to the point.

  2. If you said "my brother's good as gold," you would be making a simile - a form of comparison in which one thing is compared to another unlike thing by using specific words of comparison, such as 'like', 'as', and 'resembles'. Poets try to find unusual metaphors and similes. "I was a scarlet letter", says Swift.

  3. One of the most familiar kinds of comparison is personification - that is, speaking of something that is not human as if it had human abilities and human reactions.

'Love Story' is just one example of Taylor Swift's figurative language at work.

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Yes, Taylor Swift's songs do use figurative language. In white horse she doesn't really mean that the boy she met has a white horse, it just means that her boy's always been there for her but now he's not.  
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Yeah like how she called camilla belle a slut when she said she is not what you think she is is an actress who does better things on a mattress and when she means things she means sex.

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