How To Make A Good Rap Song?


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Just sit down and start writing what you feel. After that put it into a rap. Then pick some music and you got yourself a hit. And remember the hardest part of writing any song is the beginning, after that it will just start to fall together.
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Listen to other rappers to get the inspiration
nicki minaj,
lil wayne
say what you feel don't say things for whatever or itll mean NOTHIN
try to rhyme but you don't have to
get a beat
write it down
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You must first have a good beat. Make it like rhyme. Let come from the heart.
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I have many songs I write. I love rap but the problem is I can't rap very well so what I do is I write my rap songs and then I have one of my friends rap it for me so I know what it sounds like.
When you write a song it has to mean something to you, you have to make it personal otherwise it's just a normal song. People may relate to your song so they will listen to it more.
Hope this helped.
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The time to shine,, I know its mine, I got no sense of time, I aint got a dime, but I am rich, in my own Success this is K to the D vi tiaman C, you know me better the a political detainee. I step into the spotlight they feed of my high, I'm rap pin like a fool, I feel 10 foot 2,
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Rap music is almost spontaneous and straight from the heart. Firstly, settle on a good drum beat, which remains consistent all through your song. It has to be necessarily natural for your listener to follow. Move on to make your bass line which is be played by some particular instrument with an exceedingly low tone. Keep it in the same key as you have your melody such that the two flows together and you don't end up with sour notes. The beat needs to be nice and easy to listen to.

Work on how you best want to structure the song. What you ultimately write lyrics is important but not as crucial as the music. You have the freedom to rap on just about anything. You'll feel the difference once you seriously pour your heart into it. Keep a pad with you to jot down lines or just words you might want to include. Remember inspiration could strike anytime.

This is your baby, so play; have fun with it.
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I've been working on my own rap song (w/out help online). The music is Livin' La Vida Loco, I've written the lyrics down (and lost em :( ). Now, today, I'm going to look for a 4 track recorder. My song isn't  as good as Drake - Forever and DJ Unk - 2 Step but my family and friends like it. It's by me, Quake. It's called Locoz. Soon, I'm going to be making more songs.
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I noe.plz plz don't leave me ______ blah blah blah think about a word that rhymes well I gave you a start now  you just have to rhyme it time it oh my god LOL !
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Hey guys I really really want to be come a rapper I have a ok flow so what should I do to get on a label?
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Go ahead and run, son
Before I get my gun, son
I'ma going to bring it to the table.
Motherf*cka you ain't able.
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Yo yo my name is erika g
I fly down from the north
and I'm as fly as can be
I'm a democrat yall
and were playin that game
I'm goin against hannah m and man shes insane

I support the health plan invented by obama
republicans are haters just like yo mama
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This my rap
k k k
I started of bad
I started of mad
I got bad grades
I got bad ways
4 weeks later
I'm still a hater
I'm probab ly going to be workin as a waiter
at night I wake up I see dark vator
was up
I'm waitin
now I'm a 4.0 student getting good grades
now I'm in my good ways
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This is my rap song

yea yea
you think yo Betta then me
then lets go fight see
and who-Eva wins take home Ste- eph- ni

now we was gettin drunk yea yea
now she jumpin in my trunk

thats all I got
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Yea yea I rhyme sick like a timer tick you better not step  to me or you will end up in the hospital just like yo ma
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Dre’s so slick that he sucks on Lady Gaga’s dick, and he thinks hes bigga but to me he aint nuthin but a bitch ass nigga. Nigga. Nigga

don't be mad I like dre
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Here it goes   you feel it and breathe it thats all that you see with it
  can't you see that the babys mine I want her back come
  on yea yea see the motions you move can't be seen you see
  you bleeding.
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Really...all I can tell you is just do it and come from the heart. Listen to the beat and if you are going to be collaborating with someone get their input. You want it to be catchy write the hook first then fill in your bars depending on what the hook is. Especially if you get someone to sing the hook....listen to their input, it will save you time headache and money. So I will end with this....

I'm cool like the summer breeze turns to fall, I'm cold like winter don't make me spring on yall. My crew is just one call....away I don't play but I can't get Sly like "If you want me to stay". I bid you peace and good tidings, you have no idea what your boy is ridin
just know you ain't and player please I don't need your blood on my candy paint
old b#@$hes faint, even clapped at a latter day saint......

Catch the rest somewhere lol

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