Where Can I See The Chords For Lyre?


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You can see chords for lyre in your local bookstore, library, and musical instrument shops. Additionally, you can find chords for lyre online in the internet.

The lyre is one of the ancient musical instruments ever played. It is popular because it was used since the classical antiquity of Greece. Its ancient form has seven strings and it was first seen on the sarcophagus of the Minoan settlement Hagia Triada. It is said to be dated from 1400 BC or about the time of the Mycenaean period in Crete.  Ancient Greeks used the lyre to accompany their story telling. It was usually played like the strumming of the guitar. Additionally, the lyre is also a folk instrument of the eastern Aegean people.

The lyre has evolved to the more modern styled Greek lyres which are either: A pear shaped or a bottle shape. The pear shaped lyre is similar to that of the Byzantine kind of lyre. It has an arched back and this type of lyre is common to Crete, Dodecanese and the Thrace and Macedonian regions. On the other hand, the bottle shaped lyre is similar to the Cappadocian kemane. It has a slim rectangular body and it is locally known as kemenche. Both these models have three strings and if the musician is seated, the lyre is usually clutched upright and bent horizontally, with the base rested on the upper left thigh.

All over the world, the lyre comes in different shapes, sizes and is called by different names. The Arabs call it tanbura, it is the English's rote and the Italian's calabrian lira or lira da braccio, and the Indians called it ektara, while the Israelites call it kinnor. The Kenyans also call it kibugander and the Sudanese refers to it as the kisser. Apart from its melodious sound, the word lyre is also used as a metaphor which means the talent or the work of a poet. It was used by famous poets like Shelley and Byron.

And just like any other musical instruments, the lyre transcends its classical uses. It is also used by musicians, students and artists to suit modern music like pop, country and rock. As such, you can find a wide array of chords for lyre from traditional to contemporary.

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