In the light of JAMES TAYLOR's songs Walking Down A Country Road, October Road, and Up On The Roof, is it true to assume that city life is generally much more toxic than country living?


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I'm sure I'll get flak for this but yes it's definitely true.I live just outside Basingstoke which is a "green belt area" and there's just a brilliant stretch of open meadow land beyond our back garden.It's like something out of a painting by Constable.I commute to work in London every day and it's hot, dusty, noisy with a rush rush 24/7.Congestion, traffic jams and at Christmas/ New Year we have the annual shopping rugby scrums.It's a concrete jungle and I could never life there.Where I'm at it's calmer, quieter less stress-free and a wonderful advertisement for pastoral England.
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Well, you'll get no flak from me because I think your Answer perfectly sums up --and epitomises-- the usual stark contrast between big city environments and the pastoral fields and meadows and streams.
[Now, where my copy gone of Beethoven's: "Pastoral Symphony"..??]
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---No flak from me!!-- Your Answer, Janey, perfectly epitomises the stark contrast between the big city environments and the quieter rural retreats, of which Hampshire is blessed with many.
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Yes, Janey, your Comment epitomises the stark contrast between big city environment living and the relaxation to be found out (or down) in the country.
--And Hampshire is wonderfully rural, for the most part.
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Why yea.....he also sings with Carole King who also is very simple and calming.
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Yes, they have had an enduring friendship, and musical collaborations a-plenty. I have always found Carole's songs to be meditative, soothing, and kinda peaceful.
I was also interested to learn that Amy Winehouse cited Carole King as an early influence and one of her first muses when it came to singing and songwriting.
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I actually watched a video last night where Amy sang Carole's song.....but, once again, Tony, I spotted that doom and gloom hanging over Amy;s head. What a real pity that she has died and we only have what 2 CDs??. Hey also, I watched Slash for the first time last night....I KNOW I am a little "dated"...but still inpressed with his ability to play bass. He was playing our National Anthem and man, it was so good.
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Assume nothing here as its completely true, as city living is and always has been more toxic than country living where everything is more laid back than in big citys

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