What Is The Impact Of TV Advertisements On Society?


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Advertisement's all have different strategies of catching the viewer's attention and getting them interested in the car being advertised. This Honda commercial has a very effective way of getting the viewers attention because of its uniqueness and difference to regular car commercials.
When people see this commercial, they stay and watch closely unlike the toilet break or snack made when any other boring, ineffective car commercial is on.
People force themselves to watch an advertisement that is different, smart and eye-catching. However, what they do when they see the same old type of boring advertisement is they totally ignore it and make time for themselves. This would be a waste of time, availability and money for the car company producing that commercial because it will not motivate anyone to buy the car when they are not even watching the information provided such as the model, the contact information and the price offers. This causes loss of money for many companies.
Strategies such as this commercial's will motivate and could kind of 'bribe' the viewer into becoming interested and contacting the company or considering one of the offers available. Another, very effective way is bribing children watching, so that they will nag their parents into buying the car until the parents finally take a look and get interested. The children will be bribed because of the great use of technology and its uniqueness or in other words it's 'coolness' as children like to say. Finally, this advertisement is effective because it sponsors their company, so that when people see that commercial they straight away know it is the 'Honda' Commercial and whenever they see a Honda, they think of the commercial because they would have remembered it from their interest in it.
This commercial leads to many other even better upcoming commercials using innovative and emerging technologies.
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Much has been written on the impact of advertising on society - just go to the library to see what I mean.

In recent years, there have been attempts to curtail the effects of advertising for alcohol and tobacco products. For instance, in Britain, watchdogs from the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) rejected ads for alcohol that they felt alluded to sex. A poster for Lambrini featured a woman 'hooking' three attractive men in a parody of a fairground game. The CAP said that the ad implied that the drink would bring social or sexual success.

Tobacco advertising was banned from American telelevision in 1971. It is hard to imagine now that prior to the ban, many of the most popular programs were sponsored by cigarette companies. These include 'I Love Lucy,' 'Topper,' and, believe it or not, 'The Flintstones'. In fact, the main characters of the Flintstones smoked cigarettes at the end of the show! At its debut, the cartoon was considered an adult program, Later it was introduced to kids - minus the cigarette advertising.

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