Impact of newspapers on society?


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Print media is renowned for having several different effects on modern society, but not all of these are considered to be good. Some of the effects of print media are regularly criticized but despite these, the printing industry provides a valuable service of keeping the public informed of international, national and regional events.

Below are some explanations on the different effects that print media have had on our society.

  • Keeping populations informed
This is the most primary effect of the printing industry. Because of print, we are able to be kept informed on world events, politics, consumer products and any aspects of society. Knowing about local, national and international events can help people to make wise choices and being informed about politics can help people make better voting decisions.

  • Literacy promotion
Magazines and newspapers can help to encourage literacy among adults. If illiteracy rates are particularly low in rural areas because of a lack of reading matter, then having printing facilities and newspapers available can have great advantages.

  • Entertainment values
Newspapers and magazines that are published today also contain quizzes, puzzles and crosswords for people to complete. Gossip and celebrity pages are often a large part of the print industry which many people enjoy reading about. They may also contain news about performances at cinemas and theaters, comedy shows and sports. The print industry can be a great source of entertainment information.

  • Emphasis on health and beauty
The print media has been criticized on many occasions for promoting an unhealthy body image. Magazines insist on publishing images of women that have been airbrushed and edited to look perfect when in fact they are not. This can make some women feel insecure and feel like they need to endanger their health by going on tanning beds or partaking in crash diets.

It is the same thing with men, who are made to look toned and muscular. Publishers set a standard for an unrealistic image of perfection that people strive for, at the risk of their own health.

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