What Song Has The Phrase I Say No No No?


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"Black Horse & The Cherry Tree"
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Hi. Maybe you’ve searched the song: “Run The Show” from Kat Deluna
The Refrain goes like this:

I say no
If you want to take it low
Catch up, well, now let’s go
Together we run the show
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That phrase is probably in other songs as well, but the song that the phrase reminds me of is Rehab by Amy Winehouse.
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Its amy winehouse-rehab, but I suggest you the glee version which is like thousand times better if you can find the scene cause the scene was pretty amazin
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Rehab by Amy Winehouse is the only song I could think of.
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There are a number of songs that have this phrase. I am not sure which one you are asking about. However here is a link to one such song, which is from the Band N2U and is titled " Say No". The lyrics and the sing can be downloaded from the following link;

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