What Are The Special Characteristics Of The Mp3 Songs?


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Mp3 songs, as we know popularly, are the outcome of the implementations of some technology in producing and playing them electronically. Actually, it is the standard followed for creating such songs in digital format. The said standard is formulated and implemented by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), an arm of the ISO and IEC for creation and monitoring of standards for digital representations of audio and other data. Mp3 stands for MPeg Audio Layer 3. It is an audio compression methodology following the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 specifications. In simple wordings, mp3 songs are the digitally recorded songs fulfilling the MP3 of MPEG standards.

Normal CD quality sound, when converted into MP3 formats, reduces approximately by a factor of 10 without compromising much on the sound quality. A 100 MB CD track of digital sound becomes 10 MB when converted into MP3 formats, for example. The sound quality of the MP3 files are certainly inferior to the original audio files, but still the mp3 files are in wide demand for their compression ratios as approximately 10 times more audio files can be stored on the same space against the traditional audio file formats.

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