Where Can You Download Go-go Music?


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Go go music is basically a sub category of the funk music genre that initiated in the Washington DC region in the course of the seventies. There were a few bands which added to the growth of the genre in its early evolutionary phase, but it is actually vocalist and guitar player Chuck Brown who is accredited with the development of majority of the characteristic features of this particular style of music.

The most prominent component of the go go beat is basically the bass or the snare style. Technically speaking, the main beat is typified through a syncopated, dotted rhythm which is constituted of a range of quarter and eight notes that is under scored most radically with the help of the bass drum and the snare drum, as well as the hi hat and is embellished by another variety of percussion instruments, mainly those like the conga drums and hand held cowbells.

Given below are some links to download music of this genre:,

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