Where can I download Music for free . 4shared is not working for me lately?


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Алексей Румянцев Profile
Well, of course on YouTube, I just shake my music from YouTube, it's easy and free, I use YouTube Converter youtube-to-mp3-converter.org , it is very easy to use and easy to use and reliable, and most importantly safe, he does not bring the virus with them.
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Azhar Rameez answered

I personally use this youtube converter to convert and download youtube videos  and it has given me amazing results so far it also to download facebook videos

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Chris Micheals answered
You are stepping into VERY scary territory here. Don't ask questions on the web like this if that is your actual name and photo in your profile. Just friendly advice to keep you safe/jail and fine free. There are no *cough* ways to download any old song for free unless the artist posts it for free. Soundcloud might be a good bet if you are just looking for any old free music tracks, a lot of underground artists who give away free music to try and get their stuff out use Soundcloud.

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