How Do You Download A Bunko Scorecard?


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The scorecards used by the players of the popular game of Bunko are available on any of the websites that are related to the game on the Internet. If you have an Internet connection which downloads at a very high speed, you can just follow the instructions which are provided for downloading the scorecards which you will be using to play the game of Bunko by logging on to any of the websites which are devoted to the game on the Internet.

The word bunko is also spelt bunco. The word bunko, which is also spelt bunco, basically has two meanings. The word bunko (or bunco) is defined as a popular game played in gaming parlours by teams. Each of the teams has three dice which they have to throw in order to play the game of bunko or bunco. A winning throw in the game of bunko or bunco is defined as a throw in which a team gets all three dice of one kind, that is when all the three throws of the dice show the same number.

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