Where And How Do I Download Free Music?


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You can find lot of free music on the internet that is available for download. There are many sites which offer free music or MP3 files that can be downloaded in your computer or your IPod. You can find them by using search engines like google and yahoo by typing a keyword like 'download music for free.'

Once you find the website that offers free music for downloads, click on the link for free MP3 file, usually it will be identified by the song title. Sometime you may be required to use the right click button of your mouse to specify the path of the folder in your computer where you want to save the MP3 file.

Whenever you download an MP3 file make sure where it is getting saved so that you can easily locate it later.

Examples of websites where you can download music for free.

1) www.airmp3.nett 2) free-music-downloads.wss
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The kind of music that falls under the "free royalty free" tag is:

Completely free to download and use.
Royalty free so no licenses to purchase.
OK to use for commercial video content (so the videos can be monetized).
With that criteria in mind, there are ten websites we recommended that provide music for you to use. In exchange for the free music, all they ask is that you credit them for the use of that music, which is something you can easily do within the description on YouTube or on your site's video landing page. Sometimes they want the attribution embedded on the video itself, perhaps on the end slate. Check the conditions of use per site. Each of these sites also permits commercial use, meaning you can use their tracks in your videos and monetize your video, which you can’t do with non-commercial royalty free music. So, let's take a look at the 10 sites in this video:
Youtube Audio Library
Epidemic Sound
Free Stock Music
Machinima Sound
Josh Woodward
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Downloading free music over the internet is considered to be illegal in many countries. It is a form of music piracy. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) specialises in targeting music files which are feely available via the internet downloaded by using the peer-to-peer software. Napster, a popular peer-to-peer software, was sued by RIAA on December, 7, 1999, as the software enabled users to download music files off other users' machines. There are similar organisations in other countries trying to curb music piracy on the internet such as British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in the UK, Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) in Canada, Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) in Australia.

Despite the existence of these organisations, music files are still downloaded freely through various means.
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To download free music, you would need to have a high-speed broadband Internet connection and a good music player. It is possible to download free music legally by logging on to any of the reputed music-related websites on the Internet even if you have a dial-up connection. However, the main drawback that a dial-up Internet connection has over a high-speed broadband Internet connection is that the former is slow, and you might have to wait for a duration of anything between a period of about ten minutes and a period of about 20 minutes in order to just download one song.

On the other hand, the main advantage that a DSL Internet connection or a high-speed broadband Internet connection has over a dial-up Internet connection is that the former is faster than the latter. One of the most popular websites which you can log on to in order to download free music is Winamp.
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HMV offer downloads on their website. Visit, and click on the 'Downloads' tab. You can browse through various categories to find an album or single that you would like to download.

Once you have selected n album or single click on 'Click here to download'. For albums, you don't necessarily have to download the whole album. You can download individual tracks for the album by ticking the box for the tracks that you wish to download. It is usually around £0.79 per track. When you have ticked the tracks you wish to download, click on 'Buy' to purchase them.

You can also have unlimited access to songs by signing up for HMV Unlimited, which costs £14.99 per month. With this, you have unlimited access to 2 million tacks, and you can receive a free trial if you wish to try it out.
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then download free application after downloaded it will come up with a desktop link on ure wallpaper

then click and download make sure youre connected to internet though

and be careful with anything else than music and videos
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I'm looking for the song 'Looks are everything' by Rose Falcon. What site would have that for free? I've looked all over the place for it...
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Bearshare is great which I have been using to download music.

here  is some good music download source,plz check it and hope it would be helpful.

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As far as I know

when you download music freely you get
viruses,if you want safe music,you must buy it

there are no free way but economical way

you can take a look at this article
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By downloading bearshare! duh! you go to and you find the free version it is simple really.

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