What are the clarinet notes for grenade?


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Unfortunately, to list the entire section of notes here would be difficult. We have found a site that lists the clarinet notes for Grenade, though. The music and words are by Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Brody Brown, Andrew Wyatt, and Claude Kelly.

To play the song, one begins moderately in 4/4 time. The sheet provided with the music online provides the words as well as the notes:

The site is www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtdVPE.asp?ppn=MN0087649
According to the site there are eight pages of the sheet music for this song. The first page is provided for free. The price is $5.25 for a non member in the USA and $4.73 for the digital club price.

Another site that says they offer the full download is musicogle.com/633/notes+for+grenade+on+clarinet+for+free.htm
This site says they offer the download for free. Given that it is a download you may want to use caution since there can be issues with a virus in downloads from sites you do not recognise.

If these sites prove insufficient for what you require you may need to consider visiting a music store. A lot of online music stores have the scores you require in a variety of instruments. You may be able to pay to download the sheet music for clarinet. Otherwise you could purchase the sheet music and have it sent to you.

Given the type of song your best choice is to try the links above and then to try finding it at a music store. Sometimes it is possible to ask for the sheet music to be specially ordered if they do not have it readily available for the instrument you require due to the type of song it is. YouTube also says they have the songs.

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