Where Can I Download Korean Drama For Free With English Subtitles?


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You can download Korean dramas for free at Viki which is found at This is a YouTube style website that features Korean dramas, as well as Indian and Taiwan content. Subtitles are available in a number of languages including English, French and Spanish. You can also download these videos as long as you have video editing software.

In order to do this you need to firstly find the video you wish to download from Viki which can be done by searching through the 'channels' or do a direct search for a specific show. Once you've found the show you want to download you should open it up in a separate window. You need to keep in mind that a show is usually split into three or six parts depending on the length, so if you open them up altogether then you have a better chance of keeping track of them.

After that you should access and go to the top of the screen where you will find a box where you can paste in links. You should go back to the first part of the video you want to download and paste the link into the box on clipgrabber. Once you've done that wait until the website has processed the link. When it is ready you should be able to click on the 'download' link and save the video in an appropriate location on your computer. Continue this process for all the sections of the show you want to download.

Once you've saved the whole episode you should import all the clips into a video editing program which could be Adobe Premiere or Windows Media Player. Make sure you put the sections into the right order and then go on to render the full video and save it.
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I usually just pick up Korean movies for a few dollars on Amazon. You'll be surprised how little people are asking for epic movies like Old Boy. And nothing beats actually owning the dvd, especially when your internet goes down on a rainy night!

I love Korean horror and slasher movies.

These are some of my favorites:

Yasmin Hj Ashari Profile is a great place to download korean, japanese, taiwanese and chinese dramas as well as movies. Hope this helps!
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Try searching for it on They have some of my favorite Korean shows on it. Just add "Eng Sub" or "English Sub" to the end and search. You may find it, and if you don't, then try or
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There are many online movies, such as you can on Youku (of course this is China's website), Youku you can find on the Korean and in English letters.
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Go to
They have Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas for free.
100% legal and no downloads!
Just click on the drama you want to watch.
Start on Episode 1 Part One
Then Press PLAY!
There you go.
All done.

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If you want to watch,I prefer you watching at drama can watch anime there to0!~
then,if you want to download,silentregret,mostly hev eng sub...they use megaupload
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Go to youtube, copy the URL, then go to and paste the URL onto the URL section. Click download Mp3 and that should get the song but I am not sure if it will download the video.

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