Where Can You Watch Or Download Korean Dramas For Free?


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The easiest way to watch Korean Dramas is by DVD, but there are also some websites such as DreamFever and Hulu where Korean Dramas can be downloaded for free.
Many Korean dramas shown on television, such as Winter Sonata, Dae Jang Geum and Stairway to Heaven, have become very popular outside of Korea, mostly in Japan, Hong Kong, the USA, Latin America and the Middle East. This means that there is significant demand for users to be able to watch these dramas online, especially if they live in a territory that does not show them on television frequently.

What is a Korean drama?

Most Korean dramas deal with romance, romantic comedy or are historical dramas, though there are a few exceptions: For example IRIS, which is a spy action thriller.

In recent years, most Korean dramas have been translated and come with English subtitles, though occasionally viewers will find that not all episodes are fully translated. This is deliberate, and intended to make the storylines flow more sensibly.

Renting Korean dramas on the internet

There are a few places to look when trying to find Korean dramas to watch online. Blockbuster has historically carried a few for rent and sale, both offline and online, in some areas of the US, and online DVD rental company Netflix often has some in its catalogue.

DVDs of recent shows are often available through online retail stores such as Amazon, though there is often rapid turnover in titles, with titles being deleted within a short time of being made available.

Watching Korean dramas for free over the internet

For those looking for free services, the video site DramaFever specialises in streaming various Asian dramas online (including Korean) . It has signed legitimate streaming deals with the main Korean TV networks, and shows videos with English subtitles. Users can watch selected episodes with advertising for free, or pay a small fee to get access to all videos without commercials. For more information on DramaFever and the territories in which it is available, see here: DramaFever
DreamFever also has an agreement with video streaming site Hulu, for the latter to show a number of popular shows.
Korean dramas are also often to be found uploaded on video hosting sites such as YouTube, or on specialist streaming sites, though these are unlikely to have licensing agreements so the content would not have been legally uploaded and is likely to be of varying quality - so it'd be suggested that you only rely on YouTube to get an idea of which Korean dramas you may be interested in watching.

Why not check out this video of a YouTube user's top 20 Korean dramas? I found it quite useful because it mentioned three or four shows I didn't even know about!

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While I have never been able to find a good site to just download K-Drama, I have found several good sites that upload on a regular basis for streaming. The best one I have ever found was www.dramafeaver.com. It uploads even the most recent and popular. Another good one is www.mysoju.com it even had Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese dramas.
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You can try www.mysoju.com. There are a lot of Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas and movies that you can watch and/ or download for free there..

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