Where can i watch the Korean movie flight/emergency Bi sang online for free? With english subtitles.


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Copyright laws restrict you from legally watching films for free on the internet. Because of this, it can be very difficult to track down films you want to see online, and you should be aware that even if you were able to do this, you would be breaking the law in the process. Besides, many of the websites offering free movies for download aren't safe to use anyway, and more often than not, they pose a considerable virus risk that could put your computer and stored data under serious threat. The combined risk of being caught out by the law for piracy and having your computer threatened with a virus means it really isn't worth watching or downloading free films illegally.

The best way to watch the film Flight (which translates to Bi Sang in Korean) is to purchase it from a local DVD store or legal online retailer. Play (www.play.com) is a popular site for all your movie needs and has a broad collection of DVDs and Blu Ray disks for sale. Alternatively, you could look at the possibility of creating a Love Film account (www.lovefilm.com), which gives you the opportunity to rent out multiple films every month for a six or twelve month period.

If the above sites don't stock the movie Bi Sang, you may have to look on an online marketplace such as eBay or Amazon for a DVD or video copy of the film. If there are any Korean DVD rental/sale services which you know of, it may be a good idea to investigate into the possibility of ordering Bi Sang from them, as they are far more likely to stock this title than an American or UK-based company. Please note, however, that shipping costs to the US from Korea are likely to be quite expensive, and many Korean companies might not even supply you with this service.

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