How Do I Download Music For Free And It Is Legal?


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G'day Caitie96,

Thank you for your question.

You can't download most music for free legally. However, you can stream it. I use Blip fm where I can listen to the music that I want to. Last FM and Grooveshark are other legal services.

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I use lime wire. I just download a song to limewire then download it to my cell then delete limewire and re-run it when i need it again :):):)
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I Don't Think It's Legal But There Are Sites Where You Can Pay.. Like Rhapsody I Think
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Install lime wire it is very helpful, useful, legal, and amazing quality.
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You could download it form youtube but I am not sure if that's legal or not but i heard that it can be legal because artists upload their own music but again I'm not sure.
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Free music is rare but not completely unheard of. There are plenty of new and undiscovered artist that will gladly let you download and replicate their material just for the publicity. Alot of them have their own site hosted by places such as MySpace and Facebook.
As for some specific, more popular artists this just isn't possible to do legally.
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U cant do tht because it illegal so dont do it cuz if u do u will be lots of trouble
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There's a few different sites that are free to download from,some charge a fee of .99 cents to 1.49
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You can't download music for free and thats legal but if you have an ipod, ipod shuffle, mp3 player or anything like that. You can go on limewire or itunes. Or you can just go on youtube. Could you plz give my a shout if that helped you.
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Caitie MacInnes
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I have an iPod touch can i do it with that ?
And if so what site do i go on to?
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When you buy the ipod it shoud have this paper with it that says what site you got to go on to put music to the ipod touch.

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