I Want To Download Music On My PC, What Should I Do?


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Despite the death of physical CD sales of music, instant broadband access has made acess to music easy, making everybody a music expert. There are several ways to access music illegally via mp3s, though such sites are subject to the scrutiny of the law. Major record companies are only just coming to accept that online music is a loss leader for them, and listening to a song online would be a prompt to see the band in the flesh at a major venue, as the live experience is now more cherished than listening to a physical record. Youtube stores thousands of music videos and bootleg live recordings; to download music legally, there are several places where you can subscribe to an unlimited-play monthly service, including We7, Last.fm and Spotify. Napster, one of the most notorious free mp3-sharing sites, is now subscription-only and all the better for it. At such sites, you can listen to the tracks from their database however many times you want, with an option to purchase them in a Digital Rights Management-free file, with optional artwork. The account on such a site is connected to your debit account details so you must ensure enough money exists to cover your purchases; the iTunes music store is very vigilant in this respect. There are search functions on these websites and recommendation engines pointing you towards artists which sound like your favourites, giving you an infinite voyage of musical discovery. Though some artists have not licensed their songs to some databases (Pink Floyd and AC/DC and, after their lawsuit against Napster, Metallica are just three), most recorded music is there to be listened to and shared. On other music blogs like Pitchfork and Stereogum, there are options to download the tracks by right-clicking on the file and saving it in a folder, and many artists now offer free samples of their new albums in lieu of, or in addition to, radio play.
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To download songs, you will have to go the desired site such as www.musicmantra.com, and go to songs, which ever song you want to download right click the song, and it will show you some options and then you click on save target. You can save the song anywhere in your computer.
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Go to project playlist.com from there search the song you want all listing will come up make sure its the one you want then there will be something by the name of the song that says visit site click then at the top of that page there will be letters and numbers say I want to download miley cyrus the climb it might say 20%the20%climb the letters and numbers will be in green copy all of it paste it to your search bar  and it will ask if you want to download click yes then you should know what to then
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You can go to www.youshare.com to download all kinds of music to your pc
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No expert - but I have come to the conclusion that you just have to pay $1.70 per song to the big boys if you want quality for CDs Limewire gets shut down by my computer whenever I try those p-p types competition may come one day! Disconnect all your protection devices and give it a go. Good luck
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For downloading music and movies and any other media, the peer to peer networks works best.There are many p2p softwares that you can use but most reliable and popular are limewire,ares,winmx and ofcourse bittorrent.
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You sould go to intitle:index.of (MP3) after you have to but the name of the artist you want to download for exaple:miley cyrus you press on the anwser that the site gave you for the song you looking for and download it! Its great! And easy!
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Hi, there is lot of good answers on blurtit about how to download free song or music, for example, you can go here for details.
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Download imesh from www.imesh.com.you don't need to ask how to download it just click (download) and install the software  all is in one.but if all proved a problem sending me an email I can attach this software for you.
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Go to File Hippo. Then go to Download Free Software. Then go to File Sharing and then download which eve one you want. I have Ares I think it's better
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Write the following keyword on search engine search box "free download song name mp3 ".

Song name will be the song you want to download.

Then it will show results for your query. Click on top 3 websites, These are more relevant to your result. Then click on download button.

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I use limewire just type limewie into google and download it. Or you can use a link of youtube
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Go on any music website and download it but make sure it is free it is a whole lot better than paying for a song
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You can download free songs from this web address www.songs.pk here you can find all type of indian bollywood as well as Pakistani songs.

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