How To Save Music In My Computer?


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It is extremely easy to save music and audio files onto your computer but it depends where the music has come from in the first place. If you have put a CD into the CD drive of your computer, you should play it in Windows Media Player and click on ’rip’, this will then transfer the music onto your computer. The music should either be saved as an .mp3 or .wav.

‘My Computer’ is split into different sections and there is a ‘Music’ section which can be used for music and audio files. Store the music here to keep your files organised so you can find them quickly and easily when you are looking for them.

If you have downloaded the music from an online audio store such as iTunes, the music will automatically be saved into your iTunes account or you can simply highlight it and drag it into an iTunes folder. You can also click ‘Copy’ (or ‘Cut’) and ‘Paste’ to move your music from one location to another once it has been downloaded. If you do not use iTunes, your music will usually be automatically stored to your ‘Downloads’ file, which can be found by going to ‘My Documents’, or it will be sent to your ‘Music’ files.

It is not possible to save music to your computer that you do not have on CD or have already downloaded. It is not possible to take it from a website or from YouTube for example. Music companies are also making it increasingly difficult to download music for free on the internet because they are losing out on so much money. Illegal downloading is a serious crime and you can be fined a lot of money for it so it is not recommended.
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Well this one is simple, all you have to do is go to the required site and search the song you want, then with your mouse right click it and on the options you'll see save target, click on that and your song will download. Select the place where you want to save the song.
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It is very simple; Just go to any sites from where you can easily download the music. Open the music file which you want to download and save it as "save as" on your desktop or in any other folder. If the music file opens in the window player then simply click on "file" in menu and select "save as" and save it anywhere you want to in your computer.

Have fun :)
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If your music CD is an Audio CD, you have to rip it using a music player. It will show as Track 1, Track 2 and so on. You have to rename them. If the music CD is an MP3 collection or a removable drive (pendrive) use drag and drop method. You can store them in any drive--- C or D or E. But it would be better not to store in Drive C because your Operating System runs from there.

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